Apple Icon Grids Library

Keir Ansell
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A Library containing the Icon Grids used to help design icons for the various Apple platforms.

What do I get?
βœ… Icon Guides
Icon guides for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and iMessage

βœ… Icon Masks
Masks for each of the above platform to allow you to view your icons with the correct superellipse shape.

βœ… macOS Icon Instructions / Guidelines
For macOS Icons, I have included additional instructions to clearly describe the portions of the grid as well as icon sizes.

πŸ”„ Updates
I will be continuing to update this Library (and all of my others) with any changes as well as additional components (instructions for each platform for example).

How much?
πŸ†“ Absolutely free!
Any support is appreciated and so If you would like to pay anything for it then you can optionally include an amount 😊

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Apple Icon Grids Library (Sketch Document)



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Apple Icon Grids Library

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