Hardware Icons

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Hardware Icons

Keir Ansell
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An icon set that I designed to use with Aida64 on the monitoring display for my gaming pc.

👀 You can read more about my gaming setup on my website.

What do I get?
✅ 15 Icons
Covering various pieces of hardware
• Case / Power Button
• Processor
• Processor (Alternate Version)
• Graphics Card
• Network
• Fan / Cooling
• Power Supply
• Motherboard
• Storage (SSD)
• Display
• Clock
• Storage (NVMe)
• VR
• Placeholder

✅ Multiple Formats
All icons are included in Windows (ICO) format, macOS (ICNS) format and as PNG's (which can be used on the Web or on Linux).

🔄 Updates
If I add any extra icons to this set, you will of course receive those.

How much?
🆓 Absolutely free!
Any support is appreciated and so If you would like to pay anything for it then you can optionally include an amount 😊

🌍 My Website

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I want this!
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