macOS UI Library

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The most comprehensive and precisely designed UI Sketch Library for macOS.

I have built this Library to be thoroughly comprehensive, providing you with components to make designing macOS applications quicker and easier.

What do I get?

✅ 1350+ Symbols
Everything you need from Buttons, Toolbars, Sidebars, Windows and Menu’s through to Menubar’s, Cursors, Notifications and more.

✅ 790+ Text Styles
Included are text styles covering all of the default text styles included with macOS.

✅ 30+ Materials
Various materials including standard system materials to materials such as backgrounds for the Dock, Tooltips, Menu’s and more.

✅ 80+ Color Variables
All standard colours available in macOS, including both Opaque and Vibrant variants.

✅ Examples & Templates
Also included is a document which includes some examples and templates

✅ Light & Dark mode support
All Symbols, Text Styles, Materials and Colour Variables are available in both Light and Dark versions.

✅ SF Symbols
As well as support for standard image icons in controls, there is also support for SF Symbols.

🔄 Updates
I will be continuing to update this Library (and all of my others) with any changes to macOS as well as additional components and fixes.

How much?

🆓 Absolutely free!
Any support is appreciated and so If you would like to pay anything for it then you can optionally include an amount 😊

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macOS UI Library

9 ratings
I want this!